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Edit My Footage

Need a professional commercial, highlight reel, or just some video/audio mixing?  Send us your footage!  Freeman Ventures, LLC uses up to date video editing software and mixes audio from your video footage with copyright cleared sound design and sound tracks to create amazing productions for clients.

Edit my Footage: 

Personal - $129.99 / Corporate (intended for commercial use) - $399.99

  • Review our production styles/genres
  • Send us up to 2 hours of footage + pictures/logos
  • You get:
    • (2) 15 second videos for social media platforms like Instagram
    • One 30 – 60 Second Video
    • One 2 (+) minute video (depending on amount/quality of footage)
    • Royalty-free background music
      • Personal Videos include background music and sound design purchased by or licensed to Freeman Ventures, LLC for non-commercial use
      • Corporate videos include background music and sound design purchased by or licensed to Freeman Ventures, LLC for commercial use
  • Easy to use online file transfer (below)

Filming Tips:

  • Film in HD
  • Use a tripod, monopod, side of a fence or a stack of books to stabilize your camera.
    • If you or your subject is not moving, neither should your camera. 
    • Try not to zoom & pan a lot...or ever. 
  • Film B-Roll, a lot of B-roll. 
    • B-roll is a term given to video clips placed on top of the main audio or video file, the A-roll.  It is THE MOST important part of creating a visually appealing story.  
    • Shoot in sequence.  
    • Be creative!  Angles, angles and more angles. 
  • Lighting
    • Indoors - Unless your trying to create a specific mood for your film, turn every light on in the room.  Click here for basic camera angle and lighting tips. 
    • Outdoors - A beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky is the worst day to film outside.  Cloud cover acts as a soft box for the sun, protecting your footage from being overexposed.  Click here for more tips on how to film outdoors. 
  • Audio
    • Use a mic whenever possible. 
    • Built in microphones should be exposed if audio is needed for that specific clip. 

Online File Transfer: 

  • Go to dropbox.com and sign in using the username/password we provide you.  
  • Click on "Files" on the left tool bar.
  • We will provide a specific folder for your project.  Find and open that folder.  
  • Drag up to two hours of raw footage into that folders space (include photos/logo). 
  • Log out by clicking the down arrow next to "Adventure Bookie" (top right of page).
  • Send us an email verifying you have uploaded the footage, and a description of what type/style/genre of production you are looking for. 


By sending Freeman Ventures, LLC your footage, you are agreeing that all persons depicted in your footage have read and agreed to our release form(s).