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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Adventure Bookie?

A. It is a website offering access to thousands of adventure trips and providers from all over the world. It also is a source for the purchase of full video production packages for both the adventure seeker and the adventure company.

Q. How do I sign up for an adventure trip?

A. You can search for a trip by using the website’s interactive map, sort by country or by state, or by simply selecting a specific adventure you are interested in experiencing.  You then just need to click on the adventure provider’s website link.

Q. If I am an adventure provider how do I become a part of the Adventure Bookie listings, and is the listing free?

A. Simply click on the sign up icon and you will then fill out a listing form.  Submit your information and you will become a part of the website’s list of adventure providers.  You will be able to have a free listing, a link to your website, you email address, your company name, and the ability to update your listing.  And yes, this is a free service.

Q. What if I want to display more information about my adventure company, can I do that as well?

A. Yes.  For a cost of only $9.95 a month, you will receive everything that a free listing provides, plus your logo, cover photo, the ability to upload photos and videos, customer reviews and your logo as an icon on the interactive map.

Q. Who is Freeman Ventures, LLC?

A. Freeman Ventures, LLC is a Pennsylvania company focusing on promoting adventures in the great outdoors. It is the parent company of Adventure Bookie, and is a media production, marketing and adventure trip promotion organization with the intent of becoming the largest adventure trip referral service in the world.